Road Transport

MEGREX Road Freight Services, having high status of transit corridor, realizes that land transportation throughout the continent is very important for Georgia’s growing export and import economy. For that reason, MEGREX has given a lot of attention to this growing trend. With major hubs in Europe and Asia our international partners have the infrastructure and facilities which enables Megrex to consolidate all the freight being imported to Georgia and exported back to the designated destinations as fast as possible. The above-mentioned hubs consolidate not only the cargos considered for Georgia but also many commodities purchased in Armenia and Azerbaijan. After the freight clears customs in Tbilisi, items are expeditiously delivered to their designated customers in Yerevan and Baku by MEGREX Road Freight Services. In addition, MEGREX collaborates with over 50 highly reputable major European and Asian companies with hubs and auto-park facilities. So whatever the size shipment, to be imported or exported, Megrex with their experienced team will customize a transportation solution for any kind of freight needs offering a wide range and size of land vehicles and trucks throughout Europe and Asia.