Air Freight

MEGREX Air Freight Team has specialized in time proven experience in the air transportation industry. An open and direct line of communications with all major air transportation companies operating in Georgia today enables them to offer their clients the customized air transport logistics they must have to stay competitive and on-time. Our professional team members offer their long-term experience and comprehensive collaboration with over 500 agents worldwide. This combination allows them the opportunity to deliver specialized services for every kind of air freight commodities being exported from Georgia throughout the world and back. International partners of MEGREX are companies with long-term experience and history as well. They also have incorporated today’s state-of-the-art GSA and GHA type communications with their major airlines partners including world’s main cargo carriers. These facts directly influence the value, speed and quality of the transportation service we offer. Other services by MEGREX include customs clearance, door-to-door pick up and delivery. Transportation of irregular and dangerous freights of all classes, highly perishable products, valuable and diplomatic commodities, throughout Georgia and worldwide.