About Us

Megrex has been fast growing in their quest to continually build and implement innovative methods of shipping services based on the needs of the clients in the National and International transportation and import/export market of Georgia. The secret of the success of the company is in its concept of commitment to team, which the company dwells on. Megrex unifies shipping and all business professionals with a huge array of transportation experience and back round in the multimodal transportation field; accumulated with both international and domestic companies. Our motivation is to unify under the concept of the company, that is to keep looking out for better ways of doing things in the transportation logistics business, never being afraid to innovate when necessary. The company efforts continually implement new marketing initiatives on Georgian as well as international logistics markets. Our knowledgeable agents will listen to your specific needs and budget and will custom fit a competitive and realistic plan for all potential new clients. Long-term observations prove that there are very rare occasions when somebody founds a company which will take the extra effort to root out and change many of the poor standards and approaches found in this fast growing industry. Unfortunately good numbers does not necessarily mean a high quality service. Our client testimony will confirm that MEGREX rates high in customer satisfaction when un-forecasted and uncontrollable transportation problems happen. This satisfaction is what maintains us a high rating in the industry, in spite of the relentless competition.
That is why MEGREX initially introduces itself with concrete concept and initiative, with clear answers to concrete questions and problems. We will work out and implement our innovative solution to your shipping needs, weather for Georgian domestic transportation or the worldwide import/export transportation logistics field. Our ambition is to keep our clients from worrying about their shipping concerns. For the last 10 years, MEGREX team members, both together or separately have mastered all facets of today’s transportation industry. Whether high value, easily perishable, big volume or ordinary freight, from and to any location in the world, with any method of transport, air, sea, and ground, our goal is to create a multimodal logistics platform which will provide our clients with complete peace of mind and confidence.
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